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Ready Golf Caddies

Future Programs

Ready Golf Caddies

Currently, the Academy operates through its flagship program, Ready Golf Caddies. Through the program, Caddies master four core values: Honor, Respect, Discipline, and Responsibility. The program also creates a catalyst whereby children connect with adult role models who aid in supporting their development. In this way, Caddies expand their social capital by developing relationships with people whom they may have never had the opportunity to meet. When the children are not caddying, they enjoy access to golf equipment, lessons, and golf courses that were once inaccessible to them.

Ready Golf Caddies are included in each of the tournaments on The Ready Golf Tour. They also caddie at special events, upon request. Please check our events page for information on our Caddies' next event.


We invite our golfers to mentor and inspire the children each time they meet. Many of these golfers have similar backgrounds and experiences as the youth we enroll in our programs. Ready Golfers are a diverse group of male professionals covering a broad age range (beginning with age 35) who include attorneys, doctors, CEOs, company presidents, and professional athletes. Some of our notable golfers include former NFL players (sports analyst Brian Mitchell and University of Maryland assistant football coach Keenan McCardell) and business owners (Earl Chinn, Founder of Negril Eatery, and Raoul Alverez, a McDonald’s franchisee). Many of our notable golfers have made significant donations to the program and have formed connections with the children.

Future Programs

Since Ready Golf Academy was imagined, we imagined that it would grow to provide a myriad of services to the youth who need them most. Listed below are programs that we hope to create in the very near future with the support of our donors.

Although we are happy with the progress that we have made with building the Caddies program, we are more determined to establish more programs to serve the needs of the children involved in our programs. If you are interested in supporting Ready Golf Academy, there are two ways that you can support its growth: get involved or make a donation.

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